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Welcome to our latest newsletter! We're thrilled to kick things off with exciting news: a new product announcement and our founding team's recent appearance at Google Cloud Next, where we have:
– launched our newest product, CodeTuner for Cloud
– had a dedicated booth at Google’s Startup Lounge and showcased our family of products: Codertuner for Mobile, Regression Analysis platform, and the newest, CodeTuner for Cloud
– Gave a public talk on “Impact of Code Efficiency on the Cost of AI Infrastructure”
– Engaged with the vibrant community of developers and tech enthusiasts!

Join us as we delve into these highlights and more!


CodeTuner for Cloud

Introducing our new product — CodeTuner for Cloud! CodeTuner for Cloud is a next-gen Cloud optimization solution that uncovers new cost-cutting opportunities by focusing on the source of your cloud costs - your code.

Through complete traceability of your transactions, CodeTuner for Cloud delivers the real costs associated with cloud calls. By correlating both the direct calls endpoints make, and the indirectly triggered cloud events, it uncovers “hidden” costs that had been previously unaccounted for.

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Had a blast at Google Next 2024

We had an amazing time getting to know everyone and learning about the latest cloud innovations at Google Cloud Next in Las Vegas. We were especially excited to participate in this conference, given that the event caters to a diverse audience, including developers, IT professionals, data scientists, product managers, and founders, and our products have a wide range of use cases across teams.

Attending the conference allowed us to have many great conversations with developers, generating feedback and excitement about our new products.

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Live product launch: CodeTuner for Cloud

The main topics of Google Cloud Next 2024 aligned closely with our product offerings showcased at our booth. David Liberman, founder of Product Science, launched our new product, CodeTuner for Cloud, at Startup Lounge’s main stage. During his live product launch, David Liberman posed the question:

“Processes and technologies have been developed to address this cloud cost problem, yet the problem persists, why? Because we are not addressing the issue at its source - the code. Until now, most cost management solutions have provided visibility into resource usage or recommended usage credits/promotions. You need to use your servers, you need this traffic, and you can not just cut it. So to make an optimization decision, those reports may not be enough. You need to see where exactly those optimizations can be made, and for that, you need to analyze cost from its source.”

We have found that current technologies attempting to correlate processes to applications or even users are highly inaccurate, resulting in little to no cost savings when implemented. The reason for this is that they focus on direct event/method calls. Truly understanding the cost of your endpoints requires complete traceability of the transaction, which also surfaces indirectly triggered cloud events, uncovering “hidden” costs residing in the ripple effects of these previously unaccounted-for events.So, if you only focus on those events directly related to the main endpoint being analyzed and don’t account for the indirect events being triggered, you’re likely missing what’s truly driving up your cloud costs, as David Liberman pointed out.

“The visualization of user sessions with our Trace Viewer allows you to contextualize method and server cost analysis, ensuring you make the right cost optimization decisions without negatively impacting user experience.”

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Public talk by founding team

Our founding team, Ester Julia Neznanova (COO, Product Science) and Oleg Pashkovsky (Head of Product, Product Science), gave a public talk on "Impact of Code Efficiency on the Cost of AI Infrastructure". What was covered:
— strategies for efficient resource scaling
— cost-effective data management
— leveraging monitoring tools to identify savings opportunities.

The talk was full of insights into balancing the latest AI advancements with economic efficiency.

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CodeTuner for Cloud: A New Solution for Hidden Cloud Costs

In the realm of modern technology, the cloud has become the cornerstone of operations for businesses, large and small. Its scalability, flexibility, and accessibility have revolutionized how organizations manage their data and applications. However, as cloud usage increases, so does the complexity of managing its costs. To address this, many cloud cost optimization products have emerged, promising to streamline expenses and enhance efficiency. Yet, with these tools come various challenges that impede their effectiveness.

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