Had a blast at Google Next 2024 

We had an amazing time getting to know everyone and learning about the latest cloud innovations at Google Cloud Next in Las Vegas. We were especially excited to participate in this conference, given that the event caters to a diverse audience, including developers, IT professionals, data scientists, product managers, and founders, and our products have a wide range of use cases across teams. Attending the conference allowed us to have many great conversations with developers, generating feedback and excitement about our new products. 

We're excited to share what we’ve done and what we’ve learned. This event marked another significant milestone for us.

Throughout the event, AI was prominently featured, taking center stage even among discussions about data and security. Conversations with attendees emphasized the ongoing importance of improving developer experience, productivity and maximizing cloud spending efficiency. But while AI innovation is a priority, maintaining cost-effectiveness and robust security measures remain critical for businesses.

What happened in Vegas

One of the most rewarding aspects of participating in Google Cloud Next was the opportunity to connect with customers, partners, and industry experts. We engaged in insightful discussions, exchanged ideas, and forged new relationships that have the potential to drive future collaboration and growth. Throughout the event, we also had the chance to attend keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and hands-on labs, gaining valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in cloud computing. From hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to data analytics and security, the sessions were informative and thought-provoking, providing us with actionable takeaways to enhance our own products.

Product Science contribution

Live product launch: CodeTuner for Cloud

The main topics of Google Cloud Next 2024 aligned closely with our product offerings showcased at our booth.

David Liberman, founder of Product Science, launched our new product, CodeTuner for Cloud, at Startup Lounge’s main stage. Our new cloud cost optimization product is designed to identify code-level insights of server requests’ compute, storage, and network costs in the context of real user sessions and built using Google Cloud’s Cloud Storage, Function, and SQL products.  

CodeTuner for Cloud does the following: 

  • Analyze source code: monitor actual operational costs for all methods called.
  • Identify server request hidden costs: capture all direct and indirect server jobs, compute, database calls, storage, and network usage.
  • Visualize user session impact: uncover cost inefficiencies within the context of user sessions.

CodeTuner for Cloud directly responds to the emphasis on cost efficiency and cloud spend optimization highlighted by Google Cloud Next’24 attendees. Being part of the Startup Lounge highlighted our commitment to innovation and addressing key industry challenges with practical solutions.

Contact us to discover how CodeTuner can help you significantly cut your cloud costs.

Public talk by founding team

Our founding team, Ester Julia Neznanova (COO, Product Science) and Oleg Pashkovsky (Head of Product, Product Science), gave a public talk on "Impact of Code Efficiency on the Cost of AI Infrastructure". What was covered:

  • strategies for efficient resource scaling
  • cost-effective data management
  • leveraging monitoring tools to identify savings opportunities. 

The talk was full of insights into balancing the latest AI advancements with economic efficiency.

Showcasing next-gen AI suite tooling

In addition to introducing our new product on stage, we also held demos at our booth in the Expo Hall. As a team, we showcased our Codertuner for Mobile, Regression Analysis platform, and CodeTuner for Cloud, demonstrating how they integrate seamlessly with Google Cloud services to empower businesses and drive digital optimization. Through these demos, we were able to get our products in the hands of our target audience and gain direct feedback and insights from developers about how our products are perceived.

If you didn’t get a chance to meet us and get a demo from our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We are honored to have been chosen by the Google Cloud Next team to showcase our products at the Startup Lounge. We also added some fun to the event with a life-sized game of Chutes & Ladders and a Smash the Delay Arkanoid-style game!

Thank you, Google Cloud Next 2024

In wrapping up, a big thank you to everyone involved in making Google Cloud Next 2024 a success! We had a fantastic time launching our new product, engaging with the community, and learning from insightful discussions. Our team worked hard to bring our innovations to the forefront, and we're excited to see how our new product, CodeTuner for Cloud, will help businesses optimize their cloud spending. 

Special thanks to our Product Science team for their dedication! We would not have had such an amazing time at Google Cloud Next without the team’s contributions. 

If you missed us at the conference, don't hesitate to reach out—we're always here to chat.