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R1.3 - Video

New Feature - Video preview synced with trace

With the new Video synced with trace feature you will be able to see what’s happening on the phone screen at every point of the recorded trace.

Video synced with trace feature allows you to:

  • Quickly find the beginning and end of user flows
  • See the user actions
  • Visually identify performance opportunities (like jitteriness, lags and long network requests)
  • Visually identify when the screen was updated

Seeing how your application functions in real life provides valuable context that helps to understand what’s happening - even when the code is hard to follow:

  • Ability to upload recorded video via PS Tool Web UI to a specific trace
  • Video preview thumbnails that allow you to quickly navigate video on the global timeline
  • Video tab
      •   Large Preview of the video recording
             •   Ability to play and pause video
             •   Ability to loop video
             •   Ability to delete video
Companion App
  • Ability to upload recorded video via Companion app to a specific trace
  • Added information with User Flow description
  • Added information with project platform information in the project list
  • Added information with user role
Trace Viewer
  • Vertical scroller on flamegraph, with the ability to jump to the top or bottom
  • Ability to pin a selected choreographer and made it available to anyone opening the trace
  • Disable pin-zoom for non flame chart elements
  • Updated technical copies to human readable copies for all error messages

R1.2 - Admin

March 3, 2022
Admin Screen

A system for monitoring, maintaining, and controlling user access to your teams and projects. This is where you can:

  • Update project icons and details
  • Remove project
  • Update team member's role
  • Send/Resend invitation link 
  • Add/Remove a team member
  • Enable/ disable the domain allow list so that team members of your organization can join
Login Screen
  • SSO with Google
  • Reset password
  • Register account
Flow Library 
  • Ability to add, save and edit Flow titles and descriptions.
Trace Viewer


  • Tools to prioritize and deprioritize threads so that you can better see an execution path
  • Pin thread
  • Deprioritize thread
  • Toggle to show all paths or the main execution path
  • "Show all paths" lets you see additional information about how things are executed, while "Show main execution path" lets you see the most straightforward path. 
  • Toggle to sort threads to prioritize execution path (Hot Key: K). It provides you the ability to hide threads irrelevant to the execution path temporarily and see the execution path better.
  • Toggle to dim slices outside execution paths (Hot Key: P). All functions outside of the execution path are dimmed for better visibility. 
  • Choreographer auto connections (Android only). Save your time by manually clicking on slices executed under the choreographer during the initial exploration process.


  • Slice name and connection lines styles updated for readability enhancement
  • Ability to zoom into small slices and read their names.
Mobile app
  • Ability to create Flows 
  • Ability to share and upload traces to PS Tool and
  • SSO with Google
  • Customer Support System
  • You can now file a bug or feature request directly to us. 
  • Documentation 
  • You can now find all the information from what is PS tool, different performance optimization tracing concepts to step-by-step guides on how to use it.

R1.1 - New UX & UI

Flow Library

  • Create, view and delete flows
  • Sort flow by favorites, popularity, last edited, and by name

Flow View

  • View the list of traces associated with a specific flow 
  • Edit flow name and description
  • Subscribe to flow updates
  • Add new traces
  • Select from unassigned traces
  • Manually upload traces
  • Quickly filter by "My traces only”
  • Filter any field of the table and remove traces from the flow or attach them to a different flow

Unassigned traces view

  • Assign traces to one or multiple flows
  • Quick filter by "My traces only”
  • Filter any field of the table

Trace Viewer

  • Main Timeline (Flame Chart)
      •   Display slices on timeline, sorted by time
      •   Display slices full name on hover
      •   Ability to zoom with WASD or trackpad
      •   Arrow measurement. Enable you to understand the duration of one function to another
      •   Ability to add/remove any thread to favorites
  • Global Timeline (Aggregation View)
      •   Display preview of the whole timeline in a condensed view
      •   Ability to set start and end of the focus zone of the video timeline, synced with the flame graph timeline
  • Search 
  • Connections
      •   Build new connections
      •   Build connection with real-time feedback
      •   Visually highlighting slices available for connections
  • Flags
      •   Ability to add/remove flag
      •   Ability to drag and change flag position
      •   Ability to label, change color, and add notes to flags
  • Details View
      •   Display slice info
      •   Display execution path info
  • Execution paths feature
      •   Ability to show the full execution path available for the selected slice
      •   Filter out inactive threads and sort remaining threads by start time
      •   Show only the necessary depth of thread