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Actionable insights to locate the cause of performance issues

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PS Performance Regression Analysis

PS Performance Regression Analysis is our solution to provide a crystal-clear view of potential performance regressions in mobile apps. By eliminating confusing results due inconsistent network conditions or unpredictable system behavior, we cut through the noise and excel where other tools fall short.

We approached the problem differently

Take the guesswork out of performance analysis by:

  • Measuring performance under real conditions as users would experience it
  • Performing multiple tests on real devices to detect regression with statistical significance
  • Providing actionable insights to locate the cause of performance issues

How it works

Eliminate external noise and deviations by conducting a series of measurements on real devices

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We use hardware devices in our own device lab to ensure the environment replicates the real user experience. This commitment to real-world conditions ensures that detected regressions directly reflect the experience users will encounter.
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We eliminate external noise and deviations by conducting a series of measurements, as well as conducting a group of advanced statistical tests to find the difference between builds.
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Combined with the power of PSTool, all results are actionable and take minutes to diagnose the root cause of the regression
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