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Make Your Mobile Apps Faster

Tools for engineering and product teams

Automated Code Analysis

Detect performance issues before they are shipped to users

Focus on the

Maximize app performance and increase business metrics

Trusted by the best mobile teams

Great results achieved

In just one month they were able to significantly improve the key user flow of the app


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According to research, 53% of users leave a mobile experiences that take more than three seconds to load.

Improved performance.
Better retention.
Increased LTV.

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Easy and secure integration

Little to no development effort is required. Results are presented in a familiar, easy-to-use format.

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No manual instrumentation required

Our AI will automatically instrument your code base

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No access to user data required

We do this all without touching your production code or any customer data

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Easy to set up

X-Code and Gradle plug-ins allow for an easy setup process

How our tools work

Our AI-powered developer tool transforms your entire development team into sophisticated performance engineers

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Visual tool

For product and engineering teams

PS tool provides a visual tool for performance analysis. With no code needed,video recordings of apps next to the performance traces yield insights into what is happening behind the screen. Anchored around User Experience, the PS Tool connects hard-to-read runtime data to user events from apps in an easily digestible format.

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Powered by AI

Hassle-Free mobile app performance optimization

The PS Tool analyzes your code to pinpoint performance issues in multi-threaded environments. Our AI enables the tool to do it more efficiently by providing unique insights for data visualization to help identify the problem right away.

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We deliver actionable insights

Our code-level recommendations directly impact performance & product metrics, while effectively prioritizing team effort. Insight Reports are ready to be shared across all stakeholders, to help them make the most impactful decisions.

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Trusted by the best teams

Just in one month they were able to significantly improve the key user flow of the app

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Learn how your app performs compared to the industry. We can help you analyze the performance of your app for free.