The next generation of Cloud cost optimization tools starts today! Product Science, Inc., a pioneer of AI tools for developers, announces their latest innovation: CodeTuner for Cloud.

CodeTuner for Cloud is a next-gen Cloud optimization solution that uncovers new cost cutting opportunities by focusing on the source of your cloud costs - your code. Through complete traceability of your transactions, CodeTuner for Cloud delivers the real costs associated with cloud calls. By correlating both the direct calls endpoints make, and the indirectly triggered cloud events, it uncovers “hidden” costs that had been previously unaccounted for.

David Liberman, co-founder and CTO of Product Science states:

“The early wins of cloud cost management solutions have been exhausted and businesses are left with a dilemma: cut projects or reduce the quality of their output. We felt there had to be another way.”

CodeTuner for Cloud provides detailed and dynamic insights by monitoring the cost and usage of every method executed in the code, tracking all cloud events to surface additional costs.

“When an endpoint is called, it can cause ripple effects by launching additional events like SQL queries, serverless functions, storage requests, and inference via AI models. These events have associated costs, but since they are not direct dependencies to the underlying call, they’re often missed in endpoint cost calculations”, stated Liberman.

The result is incomplete and misinformed decisions, which is why today’s code-level optimization efforts are not yielding the expected results. CodeTuner for Cloud’s traceability and correlation engine accurately link all events back to the responsible endpoint, providing accurate and complete data to action against.

To learn more about how CodeTuner can help to find the source of your Cloud costs and provide you with next-gen cloud cost management, contact us!