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We are thrilled to share our first company update with you. Here is a roundup with highlights from our product team, special offers, and industry insights.

The TL;DR :)
After a year of delivering our technology to fellow portfolio companies by invitation only, we have come out of stealth. We presented our product to the wider developer community for the first time at the droidcon New York conference with a keynote on “Mobile Application Performance Done the Right Way”. We also appeared in the media with some notable mentions in the New Yorker and the New York Times. 

Public release of the new product

We are excited to announce that we are officially releasing our new product after one year of development! At Product Science, we believe that performance optimization should start by defining the key user flows of your app, this is where you will be able to make the most significant impact on user engagement which will lead to better retention and better LTV of the product. 

In the new product, we embrace our approach through user experience by grouping all traces in user flows. In the new version, we already have all your favorite tools from the MVP version in the new design and a bit more. Additionally, we created tools for the team and project management so that you are able to easily invite collaborators and manage access to specific projects/apps. Here are some of the features that will help you to find and visualize insights:

  • Multi-threaded profiling
  • Execution paths (the sequence of functions executed) visualization
  • Automatic filtering and sorting of the threads to see the main functions involved in the user flow
  • Tools to measure and annotate traces

The new version of the product is just the beginning of our journey. Now that we have built a strong foundation, we are ready to ship new features with higher velocity. As a result, every new release will come in faster and stronger, and we will continue to provide novel features that empower you for painless and efficient performance optimization.

Interested in getting a tour of the new product? Reach out here

Product Science at droidcon NYC

Now that we have a major product update we are ready to show it to the engineering community.

We chose droidcon to present our revolutionary approach to mobile application development because of its reputation as one of the top Android developer conferences and a tight-knit highly-professional community. 

We kicked off droidcon as the official sponsor of the invite-only speaker party on August 31, 2022. We met many amazing people at the party and through the two-day conference. At the Product Science booth we showcased the latest version of our PSTool via product demos. We had in-depth discussions on how our AI instruments the code and visualizes multi-threaded environments to track down performance optimization opportunities in pre-production.

In the keynote, Steve Lerner (Director of Sales Engineering) presented a fresh new approach to mobile performance management. He dug into the impact of combining a new technique specialized for multithreaded analysis, tracing, and APM specifically for mobile app developers to be able to see how their user flows correlate with code and its associated performance. Steve also presented his Kotlin Coroutine example which showed the AI at work - connecting all methods/frameworks/functions through multiple thread and third party libraries, filtering the irrelevant, and making hours spent by performance engineers for manual instrumentation and logging obsolete.

Want to learn more about the event? Check out our recap blog post

Product Science featured in the news

The New Yorker and the New York Times both did a full feature on our founders and their vision.

In addition to leading the team at Product Science, our founding brother duo, David and Daniil Liberman, have a series of transformative long-term efforts that they drive. These press pieces are an opportunity to share that work alongside our developments at Product Science.

Don’t want to miss the articles? Here are the New Yorker and New York Times pieces.

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