We’re back from droidcon NYC and couldn't be more excited following our first experience at the event and in fact- at any event! This was our first public appearance with our new tool! It was important for us to attend and sponsor the to learn and collaborate with the constantly growing Android developer ecosystem. Without Android developers we would not be able to accomplish our mission of helping mobile business builders detect and improve on performance issues before they are shipped to users. 

Best droidcon NYC ever!?

Attending the conference gave us a chance to meet leading Android developers in the industry, connect with current and prospective customers around their needs, and learn about what other companies are building. The audience came from all over the world and all of the talks we attended were full of insights. It was great to see that people are excited by what we have to offer which means a great deal to us being in this big and vibrant market.

Product /Science/ opportunity

Getting to meet and learn about the work being done in the industry was a major highlight of droidcon NYC. We estimate that over 53% of startups there are working on performance issues which is another signal that we are working on the right challenge. There were at least 10 talks related to performance optimization and at each one the speakers shared similar pain points and business reasons that we are focused on solving for our customers. 

Putting faces behind the names of our customers was another rewarding aspect of the event. From our connections with our customers we learned that only a small fraction of them have done any kind of tracing of their applications which means that bringing core performance engineering skills to fellow engineers is another great opportunity. And while other mobile performance startups at the event provide root cause insights, we clearly saw how Product Science stands out due to the advanced patent pending nature of our technology. Last but certainly not least, we loved how everyone lit up when we showed examples of performance problems thrown by Kotlin coroutines!

Some numbers from droidcon

As Bronze sponsors of the event we had a chance to actively participate and connect with many of the speakers and general attendees. Here are some of the numbers behind those engagements:

  • Speaker party attendees: we were too full of avocado toasts and mesmerized by the views of the New York Harbor but counted at least 80
  • Approximate visitors to Product Science booth: 560
  • Amount of times we saw our branded droidcon tote bag on NY streets: at least 15

Thank you, droidcon NYC

First and foremost, thank you to the organizers of this awesome event, to all the speakers, and attendees - we had a blast getting immersed in all things Android with you and are excited to get to do it again soon. We learned a ton about what’s working and where to invest further. If you didn’t get a chance to meet us and get a demo from our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out. To view the recording of Steve Lerner’s (Director of Sales Engineering) talk about Mobile Application Performance Done the Right Way, join our Linkedin feed.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to our amazing Product Science team for all of your time and effort in preparation and execution of the conference, we couldn't have had such an awesome droidcon debut without everyone's contributions. If you’re interested in being a part of the Product Science team, check out our open roles here

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