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CodeTuner for Cloud Product Live Demo

June 4, 10:00-10:30 AM PDT | 1:00-1:30 PM EDT

Dive into a product walkthrough of CodeTuner for Cloud, providing a detailed 3D view of your transaction costs via its three key features:

  • Endpoint Analysis: Visualize the complete effect of all endpoint calls to surface hidden events that impact your cloud costs;
  • Method Call Insights: Monitor operational costs to identify and prioritize expensive method calls quickly;
  • Session Context: Gain a holistic view of session costs for user-centric cloud optimization decisions.

We’ll finish with a Q&A session where our experts will answer your questions live.

Don't miss this opportunity to see how CodeTuner for Cloud can help you optimize your cloud costs and improve your bottom line.

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Product Science x GitHub Copilot Partner Program"

We’re starting with GitHub Copilot Extensions from DataStax, Docker, LambdaTest, LaunchDarkly, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft Azure and Teams, MongoDB, Octopus Deploy, Pangea, Pinecone, Product Science, ReadMe, Sentry, and Stripe. Extensions are supported in GitHub Copilot Chat on GitHub.com, Visual Studio, as well as VS Code", said GitHub’s SVP of Product Mario Rodriguez.

Integrated with GitHub Copilot Chat, the Product Science extension focuses on performance optimization strategies and techniques. Designed to guide software developers in enhancing their applications, websites, and software projects, ensuring they are not only efficient but also deliver an exceptional user experience, Product Science extension can help you:

  • Make your algorithms more performant
  • Get advice on setting organization-wide performance scores to align engineering, design, and product teams and achieve a common goal.

Unlock the potential of performance optimization with the Product Science extension for GitHub Copilot, now available in a limited public beta on GitHub Marketplace.

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TechCrunch: "GitHub Copilot gets extensions"

“Our goal: make GitHub Copilot the most integrated, powerful, intelligent AI platform there is — with unlimited possibilities to accelerate human progress,” said GitHub’s SVP of Product Mario Rodriguez.
“Programming in natural language will continue to lower the barrier to entry for anyone who wants to build software. Today, we are closer to a future where one billion people can build on GitHub, with Copilot as an intelligent platform that integrates with any tool in the developer tech stack, entirely in natural language.”

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