Are you struggling to retain users on your app despite having a great user experience, killer features or game play and expensive promotion strategies? The truth is, there's a critical factor that often goes overlooked: app performance.

Discover the untold secret to app revenue success in our webinar! We delve into why poor app performance is the number one culprit behind user attrition, ultimately impacting your ad spend and revenue streams.

In this webinar, Misha Kuznetsova and Scarlett Iu share the following:
– Major app revenue streams and optimization;
– Foundation of user retention;
– The role of mobile performance in user retention;
– How to identify mobile performance issues using the right tool;
– How to improve user retention with performance.

Meet our special guest, Alex Roucourt! With a decade-long record of boosting mobile app developers' success through strategic user acquisition and retention strategies, Alex's journey is defined by impactful leadership, including his role as Director of Partnerships at the forefront of mobile measurement and analytics with AppsFlyer. Leveraging this extensive expertise, Alex sheds light on the vital role of performance in app development, delving into how optimization drives user retention and fuels revenue growth.

Whether you're an experienced app developer or a business owner aiming to enhance revenue, this webinar offers valuable insights tailored to your needs!

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