Los Angeles, CA - August 28, 2023 - Product Science, the deep tech startup reimagining the world of mobile performance engineering, is thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative feature that will empower engineers to gain unprecedented visibility into product analytics and custom performance metrics.

This feature allows engineers to see product analytics and custom performance metrics in traces. Did you get a signal from your APM that the screen loading time took longer? With this feature, you can easily find the exact location on a timeline and see the root cause of the issues on the trace.

After the setup, traces will be automatically annotated with product metrics (displayed as grey flags) and placed on the timeline by PS Tool. This replaces the repeated effort required to locate and annotate each product metric for every new trace recorded while ensuring no business-important metrics are left behind. This streamlines the identification of performance metrics and allows engineers to focus on root-cause analysis.

About Product Science

Product Science is a deep tech startup that produces Al-powered tools for mobile app developers.

At Product Science, our mission is to eliminate delays caused by software inefficiency for people worldwide. We believe that time is humanity's most valuable non-renewable resource. We are committed to creating a world where software operates at its highest potential, enabling people to make the most of their time to focus on what's truly important.

Product Science was founded in 2021 by David, Daniil, and Maria Liberman and backed by Coatue, K5 Global, and Slow Ventures.