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The science of retention: how performance impacts app revenue

September 6 at 10:00 AM PDT | 1:00 PM EDT

How much do you know about the critical relationship between mobile app performance and revenue? For app marketers and business owners, understanding how app performance affects user retention is essential for long-term success. In this webinar, Misha Kuznetsova and Scarlett Iu will share the following:

  • common app revenue stream;
  • the science behind user behavior;
  • the role of performance in user satisfaction;
  • the right tools for mobile application performance analysis can help improve customer loyalty.

Meet our special guest, Alex Roucourt! With a decade-long record of boosting mobile app developers' success through strategic user acquisition and retention strategies, Alex's journey is defined by impactful leadership, including his role as Director of Partnerships at the forefront of mobile measurement and analytics with AppsFlyer. Whether you're an experienced app developer or a business owner aiming to enhance revenue, this webinar offers valuable insights tailored to your needs!

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AI in consumer Products: opportunities, obstacles, and chances for mass adoption at NY TechWeek

October 17 at 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM GMT-4

We are hosting a key AI-related event on NYC Tech Week with three panels to discuss AI in consumer products, enterprise, and regulation. Moderated by Forbes, Business Insider, and Washington Post authors, attended by C-level execs from big tech, these panels bring together the minds of Alex Pall (The Chainsmokers, Mantis VC), Libermans Brothers (Product Science, Humanism) and influential players in white-hot AI sector. Hosted by Mantis VC, House of Pitch, and Product Science. This event is a part of New York TechWeek - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem.

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5 common code patterns slowing down your app

Watch this webinar to learn about frontend code execution patterns slowing down mobile application performance. We explored factors like thread queues, suboptimal main thread usage, unnecessary UI dependencies, late scheduling of network requests, sequential execution of network requests, timer dependency, and legacy code.


How Product Science is re-imagining mobile performance engineering

Product Science kicked off our Live Product Demo series. Watch the demo recording and discover how quickly and effortlessly it is to identify performance bottlenecks such as main thread hangs, parallelization issues, and more through easy-to-read visualizations.



How to optimize network requests in mobile apps without changing the backend

Performance issues in mobile apps often stem from network requests, impacting the user experience and overall app efficiency. Contrary to common belief, the performance of network requests isn't solely a back-end concern. The true nuances lie within the app itself. Network requests reveal a hidden world that mobile developers must understand.

In this blog post, we present three quick case studies of performance improvements that involved network requests and were achieved without any back-end changes.

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AgGlance at the Chat GPT mobile apps performance  

We were thrilled about the anticipated launch of the OpenAI ChatGPT app, leading our team at Product Science to investigate its mobile performance on iOS and Android platforms.

What made the performance testing of ChatGPT particularly intriguing was its signature feature — response delays in a human-like typing manner, unlike the conventional instant display of complete messages seen in most chat applications. Instead of considering these delays as flaws, they were intentionally designed as features, prompting us to explore how these UI delays and latencies would impact user experience. As expected, the results didn't come as a surprise. Similar to other apps, even small delays as short as 50ms were slightly bothersome and potentially distracting, reducing user engagement.

In our blog post, we share our findings and offer recommendations to optimize the iOS and Android apps, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

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New updates and feature releases

The Product Analytic Tags allow engineers to see product analytics and custom performance metrics in traces. Did you get a signal from your APM that the screen loading time took longer? With this feature, you can easily find the exact location on a timeline and see the root cause of the issues on the trace.

‍The new annotation screen enables you to mark the beginning of a user flow (i.e. the user’s action) and the end of a user flow (i.e. the reaction from the app) based on your screen recording.

The PxA Screen enables users to connect annotations made in the previous Annotations screen to slices. This step will allow us to mark the beginning and end of the user flow on the code level. Joining videos and slices together provides solid visual cues that can’t be gained from the code alone.

The Quick Start Guide assists engineers during the onboarding experience by providing concise and simple instructions to help them leverage the full potential of the PS Tool. The Quick Start Guide will be accessible to users within the tool at all times, ensuring that immediate support is readily available.

Our founders @ The Tim Ferriss Show

“It’s not failure. It’s an attempt. 60 percent, 70 percent of those attempts are going to end up with zero, so just move on. Start the next one. You’ll be successful later.”

Our founders, David and Daniil Liberman, recently enjoyed talking to Tim Ferriss, a technology investor and advisor. During the episode, they discussed their journey and key moments that contributed to their success. The conversation covered entrepreneurship and leadership, and they shared insights for professionals in various fields. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music.

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Our founder interview with Wired

Our founder, Masha Liberman, was cited by WIRED for her perspective on the current state of social media. As a tech investor who previously built 3D bitmoji for Snap Inc., Masha Liberman has been closely monitoring the evolution of social media companies and their strategies.

“What’s happening with social media companies is that they want to see themselves as media networks that offer everything inside the app. That’s the competitive advantage right now. And at some point we will probably view some of these things as new formats rather than copycat features.”

For mobile app developers, career success will depend more and more on the skill of building faster-loading apps, known as performance engineering. As the mobile app market matures, we see fewer disruptive services and more competition in similar features and formats. The battle for user attention shifts to reliability and speed.

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New resources for mobile performance advocates

Enhance developer life cycle with Product Science

Elevate your app's performance to new heights using our innovative process setup and integration framework. Seamlessly integrate performance analysis into your existing development cycle and unlock the potential for rapid improvements.

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Developer Experience
with Product Science

Explore a better developer experience and tackle performance challenges effectively through the capabilities of Product Science. Leave behind tedious performance work and isolation and embrace a smoother development cycle that brings real results.

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