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  • Invite to our upcoming webinar to learn how code patterns can slow down your application; 
  • Threads app mobile performance analysis and reasons for app slowness; 
  • Discover the untapped potential of client-side optimization and its impact on revenue;
  • Meet the new PS Tool features, which help engineers analyze the app’s code faster;
  • Memorable recap of our experience at the Collision Conference in Toronto.


5 common code patterns slowing down your app 

August 3 at 10:00 AM (PDT)

Join our upcoming webinar as we discuss frontend code execution patterns slowing down mobile application performance. We'll explore factors like thread queues, suboptimal main thread usage, unnecessary UI dependencies, late scheduling of network requests, sequential execution of network requests, timer dependency, and legacy code.

By attending, you will:

  • Gain insights into common reasons for suboptimal app performance, relevant for iOS and Android developers;
  • Learn practical strategies to optimize your application's front end for speed and responsiveness;
  • Understand the impact of frontend code execution patterns on performance and discover actionable techniques to address these issues.

Register anyway if you can’t make it this time, and we’ll email you a recording!

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Threads app: a few opportunities to improve performance

Check out our piece highlighting an iOS and Android performance disparity, what differentiates Threads from other apps, and its opportunities for improvement: 

  • How to load profile pages up to 50% faster?
  • Why is the ”Reply” section on the Android version is 4 times faster than iOS?
  • How to make the Bio section loading in the user Profile 30% faster

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Unlocking revenue potential: the power of client-side mobile performance optimization

While companies like Amazon focus on optimizing their backend systems, it is time to recognize another significant avenue for boosting profits that is often overlooked: optimizing client-side performance. This article explores the untapped potential of client-side optimization and its surprising impact on a company's revenue. A few stats:

  • Deloitte's report reveals that even a minor improvement of 0.1 seconds in load time can lead to an 8% increase in conversions and a 10% boost in expenditure for retail sites;
  • Staples witnessed a 10% increase in conversions by improving page load times. 

Discover the impact of mobile performance on user behavior and how businesses can embrace data-driven decision-making to optimize client-side performance.

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Meet the "Delay Indicator" feature to enhance mobile app performance analysis

By highlighting delays (functions executed in a manner that creates additional, unnecessary wait time for users) within execution paths, PS Tool now helps developers to pinpoint and prioritize issues, leading to improved user experiences. With a single click, developers can leverage this powerful feature and streamline their performance analysis process: PS Tool displays the execution path and highlights delays between functions that were prioritized, scheduled, or executed in a suboptimal manner, causing additional wait time for users.

Find real-life examples of the "Delay Indicator" feature and its impact here

New updates and feature releases

New video layout. Designed to further enhance your productivity and concentration, you can now have both the Video and Details view on the screen simultaneously without needing to constantly switch between them.

Threads names relocation. Thread names have been relocated directly into their respective threads, removing unnecessary horizontal space. This enables the display of even more slices within the same screen and resolution, maximizing the amount of information visible at once.

Measurement Tab. A dedicated tab that aggregates information about slices within a specific time range on a timeline. It includes information such as:

  • Total number of occurrences
  • Average time
  • Total duration

Slice clustering toggle. Allows users to enable or disable slice clustering, balancing the need for perfect rendering of all information in PS Tool without performance impacts.

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Product Science team at Collision Conference in Toronto

Collision Conference, 2023 in Toronto, was the highlight of this month and an invaluable experience. This year’s conference's main focus was on renewed ascendance of AI and Machine Learning - the topic of major breakthroughs and experimentation for Product Science. 

The Toronto tech scene is vibrant and open-minded—the best platform to boost the visibility of our performance optimization solution for the mobile-first world. The collision has become a platform for improved equity for startup founders, propelling the elevation of women and underrepresented groups toward recognition and success. Women-founded startups were about 30% of the 1,500 exhibiting startups across different programs, which is the highest by far that Collision has ever had. Over 30% of speakers and over 40% of attendees were women as well. Way back in the day, the figures were closer to 10%.  

We at Product Science, as a women-founded start-up, are proud to be represented at Collision at Growth Stage by Ester Neznanova and Misha Kuznetssova at our company booth. 

US Venture News: Product Science | Empowering Mobile App Performance

Product Science was recently featured on US Venture News. Discover how our tool helps mobile-first businesses control their applications' performance and decrease the waiting time for users to access the key features and products. 

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Product Science for people

At Product Science, we are committed to eliminating delays caused by software inefficiency for people worldwide. We believe that time is humanity's most valuable non-renewable resource and save time for end-users and software engineers. 

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