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We are excited to announce Ester Julia Neznanova that we will speak at Collision Conf on the Growth Stage on June 29, 2023! Join us and learn about the future of mobile from industry experts first-hand!


How to identify and reduce Android content loading delays

Have you missed our recent webinar on media library optimization for Android mobile applications?

Don't worry! We've got you covered.

Watch the recording of our webinar, where we explored the critical role of media library optimization in enhancing user experiences on Android mobile apps. During the webinar, we delved into common media libraries like Picasso, Glide, and Fresco and their impact on performance.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn:

  • The significance of media library optimization for Android mobile apps
  • The performance impact of popular media libraries like Picasso, Glide, and Fresco
  • Practical tips and techniques to enhance media loading and improve user experience

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Interposing Swift methods using Fishhook

Are you looking for a method to change the functionality of your iOS or MacOS application’s dynamic libraries, or do you want to trace your application?

The author Vitaly Khudobakhshov (Director R&D, Code Transform Engine at PS, ex-Head of AI at JetBrains) delved into the world of tracing and explored how you can leverage the Fishhook library to change the behavior of functions written in Swift.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand the challenges of tracing asynchronous functions in OS and Mac applications.
  • Discover how to interpose Swift methods using Fishhook to modify their behavior at runtime.
  • Uncover insights into the inner workings of your applications for improved performance optimization.

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How to identify and reduce Android content loading delays

Check out Misha Kuznetsova latest blog post on how to tackle Android content loading delays and enhance user experience! The prevalence of delays and slow performance in mobile apps due to image loading and processing issues are hindering user satisfaction and impacting business. By implementing the strategies outlined, you can optimize your app performance, reduce loading times, and keep users engaged.

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Top trends in data storage management for 2023

Founder and CTO of Product Science David Liberman and other experts named the TOP storage management market trends in 2023 for Enterprise Storage Forum.

“By leveraging modern ML algorithms, organizations can identify opportunities for optimizing data collection and traffic at the client level of the application,” David and Daniil Liberman said. “ML and AI automation enable in-depth code analysis that was previously unattainable.”

The initial beneficiaries of this trend might be major data storage consumers that are among the biggest spenders, such as Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Bytedance, and Apple. However, any organization that operates popular apps that transmit data to and from cloud environments or third-party hosted infrastructures stands to gain from these advancements. Moreover, companies offering SaaS services integrated into the production of other apps that exchange data with cloud, edge, or hosted environments will also benefit.

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