The Product Science team had a blast at last week’s droidcon London. The event consisted of 1,392 participants and 2 days packed with demos and deep conversations on the future of mobile performance management in the mobile-first world. The event also coincided with the release of a new Product Science capability - video recording of the app synchronized with trace. The feature enables engineers to visually identify performance opportunities in traces in seconds, rather than manually searching among hundreds of thousands of slices.

If you didn't make it to droidcon London and didn’t catch our Lightning Talk about Performance Done Right, stay tuned for a recording of the presentation coming soon to the droidcon site.

New features of Product Science

  • Our AI powered plugin instruments the code without any manual input required. Offers an ability to analyze the stack related to your code’s execution in response to a user action. Filters out the noise and captures only functions that might be important for key user flows of your app.
  • The Execution Path functionality allows you to easily find how the function was called so you can quickly navigate the multi-threaded environment to the root cause of the performance issues.
  • And with the new Video synced with trace feature you will be able to see what’s happening on the phone screen at every point of the recorded trace.

All of these are meant to show our customers why some unintended delays or suboptimal sequences are happening in their app’s code execution and its associated impact on user experience while the rest of the tools in the market simply show a static set of sampled traces with no ability to understand causality.

Mobile app developers have been left out of the observability tools market (Datadog, Grafana, New Relic, etc) - until now - and we are bringing cutting edge tools that can save mobile apps devs hundreds or thousands of hours of time. In addition to the latest releases, we received a lot of positive feedback and requests from the attendees which we plan to work into our product roadmap. 

Mobile-first world

Attending droidcon London was also our chance to get a pulse of the industry to learn about what problems exist and where our solution fits in. This is our team’s assessment of the approaches developers are taking towards performance optimization: 

  • Developers are utilizing the free tools that are given with their Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) but are struggling with using them effectively if at all.
  • Developers use custom metrics which are not correlated with code-driven user flows. This results in them being able to see “what” is happening in their app but not “why.”
  • Current tools don't help increase the speed of troubleshooting and only alert developers that problems exist. They do not specify where they are nor how to fix them.
  • Especially lacking are no-code visual troubleshooting tools that QA teams can use. 

All of this validates that we are on the right track as we help mobile-first businesses solve these crucial challenges.

Thank you, droidcon

This was our second droidcon conference (NYC and London 2022) and we want to extend a huge thank you to the organizers and everyone who stopped by. We’ve now had the chance between two droidcons to look many of hundreds of customers in the eye and see how they react, hear their questions, get our name out there, and bring the product to market. 

We are excited for what the future has in store. If you’re interested in setting up a demo with our team and learning more about how Product Science can help your business, please fill out our contact form ( or email us at
Thank you!

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